February 22, 2016


23rd International Congress of DAVO

The 23rd annual congress of DAVO (German Middle East Studies Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation) takes place at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. It is organized by Prof. Dr. Oliver Schlumberger (Institute of Political Science – IfP) and Prof. Dr. Johann Büssow (Department for Oriental and Islamic Studies – AOI) with the support of Ms. Stephanie Wagner (IfP).


If you want to visit the 23rd International Congress and the Arabic Film Festival Tübingen please download the registration form below and send it to Ms. Amke Dietert, the general secretary of the congress.

  • Deadline for the registration of papers including abstract of 300 words and panels (abstract of up to 100 words) before 30 June 2016.
  • The registration form and all fees have to be sent in by 31 July 2016. For registrations after 1 August 2016 additional fees become applicable.

Please use the forms on this page for the registration of papers and panels, and also for the registration of your participation during the conference.

Registration Fees

€ 70,- Full DAVO Members

€ 40,- Student Members

€ 90,- Non-Members

€ 50,- Student Non-Member

Please note that there is an additional late-registration fee of € 20,- for registrations after August 1st.

Registration Forms

For registration of your participation in the Congress, please download our interactive Registration Form, and send it via email to: Amke Dietert (amke.dietert@googlemail.com)

Download Link: DAVO 2016 _ Registration Form

For registration of your contributions to the congress please download our interactive Contribution Form and send it via email to: Amke Dietert (amke.dietert@googlemail.com)

Download Link: DAVO 2016 _ Contribution Form

If you need more information on the modalities of handing in contributions, please head to the Contributions page. If you are a student or currently working on your PhD thesis and are interested in our DAVO Workshop, please get more information here.