Zusätzliches Panel mit verlängerter Anmeldefrist für Beiträge

Zusätzliches Panel

Wir freuen uns Ihnen ein weiteres Panel auf dem internationalen DAVO Kongress 2016 anbieten zu können. Dr. Sabine Hofmann and Dr. Markus Loewe aus dem DAVO Arbeitskreis ‚Wirtschaft‘ werden dieses Panel leiten. Die Frist zur Einreichung von Beiträgen zu diesem Panel wurde bis zum 10. Juli verlängert.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier oder auf unserer Panels Seite.


It’s the economy, isn’t it??

More than five years ago, a wave of protests has rolled over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Demonstrators called for better living conditions, freedom and social justice. Since then, a lot has changed in many Arab countries– but by far not all for the better. Some countries (e.g. Syria, Libya and Yemen) have fallen into civil wars, others (e.g. Jordan and Morocco) have implemented parametric political reforms, and others again (e.g. Egypt) have gone through an authoritarian restoration. Just Tunisia seems to be on a way towards democracy. In any case, all states are very fragile because their governments lack legitimacy. The situation will only remain calm if policy makers deliver on the socio-economic front. Their economic and social policy course is more important than ever for the future of the MENA region. Other MENA countries, however, such as Israel have gone through a process of stable economic growth and innovation but also tremendous socio-economic differentiation Sand rising income inequality.

Papers presented at the panel “It’s the economy, isn’t it??” will therefore

(i) look at the economic and social policies that MENA governments are currently implementing,

(ii) analyze which groups and actors are actually benefiting from these policies (governments, the elites, influential social groups or the population at large) and

(iii) describe what economic and social policies should look like in order to have the best possible effect on economic growth, human development, social cohesion and political stability.


With a pluralistic approach in economics, we welcome presentations dealing with topics from various fields of economy. Beyond that, the trans-disciplinary panel is open for economy related questions in the broader sense.


Das Panel wird im Rahmen des AK Wirtschaft in der DAVO angeboten. Die Vorträge können auf Deutsch oder Englisch sein. Interessenten bitten wir, ihre Abstracts (je 300 Wörter) bis zum 10. Juli 2016 an die Organisatoren des Panels zu senden. (shofmann@zedat.fu-berlin.de und markus.loewe@die-gdi.de).


Bitte beachten Sie, dass parallel zur Anmeldung zum Panel auch die Registrierung bei der Tagungsleitung erforderlich ist. Bitte besuchen Sie unsere Rubrik Anmeldung für weitere Informationen.